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Choose your pricing plan

  • Walk & Talk Consult

    Up to 2hr consult to get maximum return on investment
    • Starts with a discovery call
    • Curb appeal
    • Discuss room flow, furniture placement & eliminate clutter
    • Staging report to take notes during our walk through
    • Shopping list of items needed to create the model home look
    • Closet organizatoin checklist
    • Open house checklist
    • Use the report to DIY or hire me to complete it



Walk & Talk .PNG

 DIY WITH OUR EYE!  |  2 HOURS  |  $200 

Interior Design Done Right

It all begins with a discovery call so that we can get to know each other and get familiar with your home. 

We can meet in-person or do a virtual extensive walk & talk consultation.  You will have a staging report so that you can take notes during our meeting.  I will leave you with a prioritized list of action items that will get your home in the best possible shape.  You'll be able to focus your energy on things that will give you the highest ROI.

We’ll discuss how to highlight positive characteristics of your home and minimize the less desirable features.

We'll discuss paint and other minor cosmetic needs along with furniture flow and placement.  You’ll be given specific instruction on what to pack, keep out, how to style bathrooms and kitchens as well as how to enhance curb appeal. 

Our goal is to create an emotinal connection with buyers so they can  invision themselves living in your home.  Our goal is to have it sell quickly and for top dollar.

We’ll create a Priority Shopping List to guide you on what additional investment accessories and furnishings would enhance the look and feel of your home.

I will also leave you with:

A Top Dollar Guide

Tips on how to live in a staged house

Open House Checklist 

Closet Organization Checklist

Two full hours in the home included for homes less than 3,000 sq ft.  Additional hours available at a rate of $100/hour.



1/2 Day | 4 hours | $400    /  Full Day | 8 hours |$800

Let’s do this!  We roll up our sleeves together and get it done.  With this 4 hour home staging service, you’ll get everything included in the 2 hour consultation along with 2 additional hours of working directly with our stagers while photographing the transformation as we go along.

We’ll physically stage the main areas of your home based upon the Staging Report recommendations.  We will make huge transformations using your furniture and accessories to make the most of each space.  We will focus on key rooms such as the kitchen, main living and bath areas.  If time permits, we will tackle other key living areas, so your home is show ready.

I’ll bring along some gorgeous accessories to give you a visual shopping list- saving you time, money and stress!  ​

High-return recommendations such as additional accents, furniture or improvements will be shared. We’ll give your home an inviting, polished model home look for high impact photos.

**If the home is larger than 3500 sq. ft. with multiple staging areas there could be an additional time cost to cover the larger home and additional time spent on the project.

**Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving.

(Up to four hours in the home with any additional hours reverting to a $100 hourly rate)

Working Together


Personalized Attention

Pre-Construction Consultation is one of the services Tod Ashton Design is best known for. For an impressive space that makes an impression, contact Tod Ashton Design to find out what they can bring to your project.

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